Polaris Bi, another concept

Different from others


It is a motor boat, a Jeanneau Merry Fisher 925 almost 9 meters long, with a 320 hp Nanni engine. It is an extraordinary motor boat that allows boarding 8 crew members plus skipper in navigations up to 12 miles from the coast.

This motor boat has an extraordinary bathtub where we can locate a table and sit down to enjoy a typical hamaiketako near our favorite beach. In the bow it has a spectacular solarium area and is complemented by a fly-bridge or high bridge from which we can also govern the boat and enjoy a sensation of privileged navigation, in addition to having a small more reserved solarium area.

Ideal complement for training

T HE Polaris Bi allows Polaris Nautika Eskola to be, to date, a different nautical school. It is the only school in Bizkaia that offers its students the possibility of combining Safety and Navigation practices on a sailing boat and on a motor boat. These practices are mandatory to obtain the title of Skipper of Recreational Vessels (PER).

Carrying out part of the practices on the Polaris Bi allows us, in addition to developing the official program, to include unusual but interesting activities for the new sailor. In our school you will be able to enjoy the development of the practices learning to design a turnout board or to control the route and correct the effects of the current and the wind, thus achieving much more versatile training.

A motor boat, another concept

I T is the perfect boat for those more restless sailors who need to get to the sites sooner. With the Polaris Bi we can quickly reach the Bay of Plentzia to take a swim near Gorliz or Barrika.

And if the getaway has fallen short, from Plentzia we can reach Castro-Urdiales in just over an hour, where we can disembark potear through the old town before returning to Getxo.

Further, more destinations

With the Polaris Bi, being a motor boat, we will not only reach more distant destinations in a single day, such as the Oriñón cove or the Horse Lighthouse . We will also be able to reach places that are less accessible to sailing vessels, due to their great air depth. With the Polaris Bi we will go up the Nervión estuary and we will cross all its bridges to the Mercado de la Ribera .

fishing day

The Polaris Bi also allows us to enjoy an exciting day of sport fishing. Depending on the season we can go out to bonitos, verdeles or txipis. Whether you are one of those who know the best fishing grounds, or if you want to get started in the world of sport fishing, we will accompany you and help you with whatever you need. The vessel is dispatched for navigation zone 2, up to 60 miles from the coast, and can then embark 7 crew plus skipper. With this distance we can reach, in season, the best places to fish bonito.

Technical details
  • Builder Jeanneau
  • Model Merry Fisher 925
  • Year 2006
  • Length 8.72 meters
  • Beam 3.11 meters
  • Capacity 8 crew

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