Polaris Bat, our sailing boat

An extraordinary and versatile sailing boat


IT is a sailing boat model Beneteau Oceanis 373 of 11 meters in length with genoa and roller-furling mainsail. It is a 37-feet, with a considerable freeboard, which, together with the cabin height, gives it an interior with an unusual volume and unusual luminosity. The ship was designed with the comfort of the crew in mind, following the canons of cruise ships that prioritize comfort over competitiveness, seeking ample space throughout the ship, compared to other ships of similar dimensions. However, despite its consideration for cruising navigation, it is capable of giving optimum performance in winds starting at 6 knots.

Comfortable and manageable

OUR sailing boat, the POLARIS BAT, is a comfortable, spacious and easy-to-handle boat. A cruise class sailboat, suitable for all those who, regardless of their skill and experience as a sailor, are looking for simple and smooth sailing. The boat is ideal both to start in the government of recreational motor boats, and in the first steps in the world of sailing. Although the boat is designed for sailing, its 40 hp engine allows us to take those first steps safely and smoothly.

It is the perfect boat for those sailors who are not used to operating in the maritime environment. For those looking for a space with enough space and comfort. At times when, for health reasons, we must maintain a certain safety distance between non-cohabitants, the size of your bathtub has helped us. This amplitude allows us at all times to enjoy the experience with comfort and safety.

Ideal for beginners. Both those who start the school with their first steps in cruising sailing, and with the person who is already qualified, but needs to continue with some monitoring to improve their skills as a skipper of pleasure boats .

For those who want more

BUT for those people who, in addition to having the title, want more emotions, we have something special. If you want to continue advancing in a more technical learning, the Polaris Bat has a spectacular asymmetric spinnaker. This sail has almost 80 square meters which allows for greater versatility and performance of the boat. Especially when with a supporting wind the apparent wind decreases.

In our school you will be able to improve your technical skills in sailing as well as learn to handle the asymmetric with a relatively small crew. You can also enter the world of regattas. Always through our experienced collaborators.

Technical details
  • Builder Beneteau
  • Model Oceanis 373
  • Year 2010
  • Length 11 meters (37 feet)
  • Beam 3.7 meters
  • Capacity 12 crew

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