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A T POLARIS NAUTIKA ESKOLA, we prepare you to obtain the different nautical-sports qualifications with extensive experience in this sector.

Newly created in 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to nautical-sports training since 1986 in various centers in the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay.

In the school, either from our classroom, located in the center of Algorta and a few meters from the metro station, or on our boat, which is moored in Getxo Kaia, all the theoretical and practical content that the administration requires is taught. to obtain nautical qualifications for the government of pleasure boats.

Online support

Also, as a student of the center you will have access to our exclusive Virtual Classroom (Pedagogical Support System and On-line Tests), which will allow you to practice and learn on your own when you are not in the center or browsing.

Clear and verifiable objectives

WE WANT our students to learn to navigate safely and we are proud to see you enjoy sailing, once you have obtained the title, and share experiences together.

Our goal : That the achievement of the title is through the knowledge acquired.

Our guarantee : Very high percentage of approved in official exams.

Our confidence : In your possibilities, through the effort and enthusiasm for a unique hobby, which allows us to offer unbeatable conditions.

Guaranteed results

AT POLARIS ESKOLA we offer you a wide range of courses and possibilities, always adapted to your needs.

Entertaining theoretical classes , with audiovisual content and oriented to learning through practice.

Access to an online classroom so you can have the teaching material whether you have not been able to attend class or if you need to revise. Through the online classroom you will also be able to practice with thousands of multiple choice questions as the course progresses.

We trust in our experience and in your possibilities. For them , if you fail to pass the theoretical exam, we will refund your money (see conditions).

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Because we have the knowledge and educational experience. you can trust us